Pressed Coins-WDW

Pressed Coins-WDW App provides the location of every pressed coin machine within Walt Disney World and beyond!  Other locations include, but are not limited to, Vero Beach Resort, Hilton Head Resort and Orlando International Airport!


You can search for machines by user location, place, area, resort or ‘other’!  There are two machine search views, a list search view and a map search view.  Which one will become your favorite?


  You can also search for coins which match certain search criteria.  Check out this great feature!


Find pressed coin machines near your location.  Go into Machine Details to see information about the machine and a listing of its coins.  Press on a coin to see coin details.  iCloud not required to view machines and coins, but is required in order to save coin information.


Even a person with the most casual of interests would benefit from this app and it will definitely spark your interest in pressed coins!


Click on the picture to the left to go to the App Store!  This app is a lot of fun, I must admit!