Thanks to all who helped!


You know who you are, but others do not!  So here goes!


Chris Johnson - Coin Expert 

Thank you Chris for partnering with me on the Pressed Coins-WDW app!  It has been a fun and learning experience for me and it’s great to continue to work with you as we improve and maintain the app.  Follow @DisneyPicsChris on Twitter and please join his ‘Disney Coin Pressers’ Facebook page!


All Who Purchased The DVC Apps 

Thank you to all who have purchased the DVC Planner and /or DVC Executive apps.  I know that you have choices and I am honored that you chose the DVC Planner app.  DVC Members are wise to a deal; that’s why we purchased DVC!  With that in mind, I want you to know that I do appreciate your purchase of the app and I will continue to work on it and improve it.  After all, like you, I am a DVC member - I want value and quality as much as you do.  Please email me at with any comments or suggestions that you may have.


App Icon Design 

Many thanks go out to a great individual - Rich Koster of the Disney Echo for his excellent app icon design!  Please visit his website at The Disney Echo.  Also check out the I Can Has Pixie Dust — DisneyLOL Blog and the Disney Echo Eyes and EchoEars Travel blog here!   Please go to the echo to mix with this fantastic family, the Kosters, concerning all things Disney!


Grand Californian Pictures 

Disneygeek was most gracious to donate several of his excellent photos of the Grand Californian Villas.  Please visit his website at!  By the way, his website is tremendous, probably the best resource on Disneyland and its resorts that I’ve seen.  I must add that Disneygeek donated a great, iconic picture of SSR.  Thank you again!


Old Key West Pictures 

Arnold Varona was most gracious to donate several of his excellent photos of Old Key West!  Please visit his websites -,,,, and!


Hilton Head Island Pictures 

Many thanks go out to Granny for his great HHI pictures!  You are truly a fine gentleman.  Yes, a gentleman!


Vero Beach Resort Pictures 

MiaSRN62 donated several great pictures of Vero Beach Resort. Thank you very much!  You really do have a keen eye for graphics!


Saratoga Springs Resort Pictures 

Muushka donated several pictures of Saratoga Springs Resort. Thank you very much, “Mother VWL Groupie!”  ;-)  I say that with all good heartedness.


Aulani Villas Resort Pictures 

Thanks to the timely donation from jimmytammy, I have Aulani pictures!  Aloha, and thank you very much! 


All Other DVC Resort Pictures 

Were taken by yours truly.


DVC Resort Descriptions

Descriptions of the DVC resorts were written by my Daughter Sarah.  Thank you.


All pictures have been donated free and clear and were not taken by Disney professional photographers.